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1.Aluminum Die-Casted Box

  As the PCB of TNX timer is located in the aluminum dis-casted box, it facilitates the water-proofing and



2.All function in Digtal

  Using the highly quantitative micro-computer circuit, when the noise inflow from the outside, the program

  in the EP-ROM pack senses the noise, and performs the function of auto-compensation.


3.Pre-Wired with Solenoid

  TNX timer includes the built-in solenoid coils(PM-63) and all necessary wiring. There should be no

  need to wire between timer card and solenoid coil to prevent humidity/dust from corrosion of coil.


4.Exterior design for all controls

  It has exterior displays like main power switch, time setting keys. These exterior displays allow the

  monitoring, time setting and damage checking of the timer without opening the timer case.


5.Free Voltage Function

  This timer board has a free voltage function (AC85 ~ 240V/50 ~ 60Hz)


6.Variety of Single/Multiple/Central Control

  By using a Remote ON/OFF and Finish signal output functions, TNX timer is available in Sing/Multiple/

  Central control that fits your Dust collector system.




TNX Timer

           Output Signal



                                  Solenoid encapsulated

           Control Type

                                  EP-ROM Digital


                                  Aluminum Die-Casting NEMA 4

           Max. Output

                                  6p, 12p

           Pulse Time

                                  0.001 ~ 0.999 sec

           Dwell Time

                                  1 ~ 999 sec

           Power Supply

                                  AC85 ~ 240V / 50 ~ 60Hz




                                  0.5 ~ 7.5 kg/㎠



                                  -20 ~ +60℃

                                  (If not freezing condition)

           Terminal Type

                                  1.25 pin & 1.25 4Y