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TAEHA has been a successful designer and manufacturer of dust

collector components for more than 30 years. The company's exp-

erience and dedication to their industry hashelped them to grow

every year, the company shipped over 250,000 pulse valves to the

world-wide market through distributors in more than 46 countries,

making TAE HA on of the world's largest manufacturers of pulse valves and controls for dust collectors.


With a goal to become the world's leading manufacturer, the TAEHA

product range is under constant review to ensure the customer is

getting the best value for money. New products and design changes

are thoroughly tested in the local market before world release and as

a valued TAE HA customer, you can be assured of quality, value and



Factory testing of all new valve systems and products are carried out

in the TAEHA performance test laboratory using the most advanced


test facilities of any pulse valve manufacturer in the world. The laboratory is able to test all products for flow consumption and flow performance (Cv) to international standards, using constant flow / pressure hydraulic testing systems, and precision measuring instrumentation.


For more details on the company, the products, or the facilities please do not hesitate to contact your local distributor, or TAEHA direct, at any time.