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Advanced machine makes the best quality of cages at the compe-

titive price.

TAE-HA has invented the future technology for cage machine.

One machine works all the process of cage handing.

TAE-HA standard cages are ready for shipping from the stock.





Our own needle punching line gives you the best quality of fabric

itself and welding technology applied to PE, PP, and Ryton material

fabric instead of sewing.


We supply the welded tube and also finished bag.





Taeha offers two models of venturi, TV-140 and TV-160. Superior

cleaning efficiency often permits the selection of higher air-to-cloth

ratios and thus a smaller units to provide the necessary cleaning.


The De'Laval nozzle will enhance the velocity and flow quantity

two to seven times and will change the air-stream direction to

easily eliminate the dust.